Track anything. Use AI to discover the key metrics that impact your health, fitness & more.

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All your tracking needs, in one app:

😊 Mood

🎯 Habits

πŸ’΅ Finances

🌸 Periods

⌚ Devices

🌦 Weather

😬 Anxiety

🧘 Mindfulness

πŸ€• Symptoms

πŸ›Œ Sleep

πŸ“ Journaling

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Fitness

πŸ₯¦ Nutrition

πŸ’Š Medication

⏰ Productivity

βš™οΈ Custom

"Does your period affect how sore you are after running? Does your mood affect how much you eat? Is there a correlation between how much coffee you drink or how much you walk and the quality of your sleep? Metriport can track it and lift the veil on patterns that hitherto were opaque." - TechCrunch logo

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Integrate with devices. Track weather. Gain weekly, monthly, and yearly insights into your wellbeing.

"As someone that has been struggling with IBS and IBD for years, I see myself using this app to improve my daily habits. I've tried a few of these apps already, but they weren't nearly as good as Metriport." - Reddit circular logo badge

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Wellness app showing correlation between steps and sleep

Privacy-first. Import, export & delete your data anytime. Own your own data!

"By default, Metriport encrypts and stores all user data locally on their device, to ensure absolute privacy. Metriport also doesn’t use any ad tracking technology, such as IDFA, at the expense of their own marketing." - techcouver logo

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Habit tracking app settings screen with privacy features like a biometric lock and local data storage

Unparalleled customizability & personalization. Create a unique experience tailored to your liking.

"I've been using Metriport for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I even convinced my wife to use it for her workouts. I love the customization offerings as we have babies and can use the app to track all sorts of baby tasks. Definitely recommending!" - Product Hunt logo

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Habit breaker app for quitting smoking

The last tracking app you'll ever need. Become your own data scientist today!

"I love this app!!! I use it personally as a habit tracker, and it's the best one I've ever found. You get a certain number of free metrics, and you can pay for more if you want. I had a couple questions about how to set things up, and I got a very quick response to my email. If you like customizing your own stuff, I highly recommend trying it." - Google play store logo

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Health and fitness app showing weekly insights for focus, exercise, and anxiety

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